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mardi 5 avril 2022
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France   71
Thailand   9 
Algeria   5 
United States   5 
Burkina Faso   4 
Tunisia   4 
Belgium   3 
Mali   3 
Canada   2 
Germany   2 
Japan   2 
Morocco   2 
Italy   1 
DR Congo   1 
Gabon   1 
Madagascar   1 
United Kingdom   1 
Djibouti   1 
Chile   1 
Saudi Arabia   1 
Mexico   1 
Undefined   1

Welcome to the "Sparfel" of the Earth

I will put a special tab for all the information I found on our Sparfel expatriates.

I have already found the name in Canada, and in the USA. I address myself more particularly to you the American visitors who have already come to consult the site;  and others, of course.

I would greatly appreciate receiving your information to feed my much too poor data on the subject. As you see, I give everything, very willingly and free of charge.

Also, I would appreciate Sparfel born elsewhere… an exchange of data while obviously respecting the right to respect for private life. Thanks in advance,



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